We create spaces to enjoy. We’re about incredible architecture, innovation and craftsmanship.

Offering end-to-end design, construction and refurbishment solutions. Icon is all about accommodating all of your building requirements. We pride ourselves on having a talented and passionate team, who make sure they meet each client’s individual needs, regardless of how big or small the budget. Our Director, Gino Gigliotti established ICON in 2000 and has built a strong team with experience in design, building and construction, carpentry, concreting, formwork and landscape.

What sets us apart from other building companies is our vast experience across all sectors of the construction industry, and our strong attention to detail of every aspect of design.

The Icon team is our most important asset and includes skilled and talented members responsible for Design, Project, Site and Client Management. Our people and our ability to communicate with clients across all facets of design and construction will always be our greatest priority.

Our Mission Statement

To make your construction project an easy and pleasurable experience that everyone in the process enjoys; whilst ending up with a finished product of the highest possible quality.

By easy, we mean an organised and well-managed development.
By pleasurable, we mean a lifestyle change. An unforgettable experience, making your dream a reality for family, friends and colleagues to share.
By high quality, we really mean just that.