We live in our homes in a different way than we did fifteen years ago, and chances are we will live in them differently in another fifteen years from now. Homeowners are increasingly interested in ‘future-proofing’ their new homes in order to minimise maintenance and maximise their property’s resale value. This is an excellent opportunity for architects and builders to add value for their clients by incorporating some simple yet clever design elements. Below, we outline just a few of the popular future-proofing methods currently being used and introduced in NSW.

  • Use aluminium box gutters.
    Aluminium does not corrode as quickly as steel in areas of high salinity, so aluminium box gutters are a popular choice for coastal areas.
  • Think about flexible living spaces.
    Consider the way homes are now utilised by multiple generations of the same family and plan for multi-use spaces.
  • Install gutter protection guards.
    Gutter guards help to block out debris and keep gutters free to operate as they should and avoid blockages. This is a simple measure that can dramatically reduce maintenance for homeowners.
  • Supply maintenance records upon completion. 
    Plans and records can assist homeowners and trades to identify services more easily in the future.
  • Consider extra cabling space.
    It is difficult to know which services we will be adding to our living spaces in the future, however allocating additional space for cabling is a smart move.
  • Build with quality materials.
    This is perhaps the most obvious but one of the most important future-proofing methods. Choose the best materials, including Australian-made where possible, to reduce future maintenance and optimise property value.

Talk to your chosen builder for further ideas on intelligent future-proofing designs and see how these smart decisions today can have significant rewards tomorrow.

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