It is never too early to start thinking about how your next design will be lit – in fact, the best home lighting systems are designed in conjunction with the house plan itself. Modern lighting solutions offer exceptional abilities in reducing shadows, highlighting features and providing a relaxing, welcoming ambience inside the home. The earlier a lighting plan can be designed and approved, the fewer the complications and costly changes that could arise during construction.

Natural Lighting

Natural home lighting has become more valued in recent years, with increasing focus on letting sunlight in during daylight hours to decrease energy use and costs. The success of natural lighting depends heavily on the orientation, location, design and size of the house, plus modern tinting and window coverings are making it easier than ever to maintain an energy-efficient and comfortable home all year round. There are a vast number of construction materials and types of glass and glazing that can be used to achieve this effect in new and existing homes. Skylights and light tubes can also be incorporated to central rooms to bring in natural light and reduce dependence on the artificial light in that space.

Tailored Lighting

Lighting can be implemented in endless configurations to highlight, assist and illuminate our everyday lives:

  • Showcase statement paintings and artwork with dedicated lighting.
  • Provide plenty of quality light above kitchen benches and workspaces.
  • Consider lateral lighting for areas such as bathroom mirrors and stairs.
  • Distribute recessed lighting evenly to minimise overlapping and dark spots.
  • Ensure computer room lights will be dimmer than computer screens for reduced eye strain.
  • Create an optimal environment for reading by using 40-60 watt bulbs in bedside lighting systems.

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